A Guide To Local Outer Banks Parks & Playgrounds

The Outer Banks serves as it’s own giant playground, with miles of sandy beaches for fun in the sun, and numerous fun and exciting attractions. But when it’s time for a quiet afternoon or a little bit of rest and relaxation away from the surf and the crowds, the area has some wonderful parks and playgrounds to visit. Free of charge, these Outer Banks parks around the region are ideal spots to let the little ones exercise and burn up some energy. And for older kids, activities like biking, hiking or skateboarding are available as well.

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Hatteras Village Shopping: The Best Places to Visit

Hatteras Island is not only one of North Carolina’s most beautiful areas in which to vacation, it is also one of the East Coast’s most unique shopping destinations. Offering an impressive selection of specialty stores, the Hatteras Village shopping district has something for everyone, from designer apparel to toys, beach gear and souvenirs. Below are some favorite shops and boutiques that all visitors should consider visiting.

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The Top Hatteras Restaurants & Best Places To Eat

North Carolina’s Hatteras Island has a vast array of amusements for Outer Banks visitors like you to enjoy! Go explore the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse or visit the Frisco Beach. Take a ferry ride or play in the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, our guests love to eat at the many Hatteras Island restaurants for a genuine taste of coastal living, and there is plenty of fresh seafood to go around, for residents and visitors alike. For those who prefer a different cuisine, there are many restaurants that serve seafood alternatives, too. Here are some of the very best restaurants around Hatteras that you should have your taste buds set on!

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The Best Beaches Near Rodanthe To Enjoy!

The tiny community of Rodanthe NC is large in peaceful surroundings, quiet places to relax and isolated beaches. Visitors to this area aren’t looking for sands filled with beach umbrellas, sunbathers and volleyball nets. These visitors are looking for a place to kick off their flip-flops and wade in the shallows of the waters edge without tripping over someone else.

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How To Arrive With Less Waiting: Our Outer Banks Traffic Tips

Photo credit: Leon Reed via Flickr

While blessed with some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, a laid-back vibe, and a beautiful sense of isolation, a vacation on the Outer Banks can be slow to start because of traffic congestion. The very things that lead to that wonderful sense of isolation, the lack of access and the fact that these islands are a bit out of the way, can cause the traffic jams of nightmares.

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Where To Get Groceries On Your Visit: Outer Banks Grocery Stores

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A trip to our Outer Banks of North Carolina is a true getaway; leaving the worries in the rearview, one highway connects our barrier islands to the rest of North Carolina. NC Highway 12, known as the “Outer Banks Scenic Byway”, connects these islands, stretching from Corolla in the north, then south to Cape Hatteras, and finally turning southwest towards the end of the island at Hatteras Village. As you plan your visit to the Outer Banks with First Flight Rentals, check out this guide to local grocery stores you will use to stock up on vacation essentials.

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Metal Detecting Laws Outer Banks: Explore The Beach Legally

Photo credit: John W. via Flickr CC2.0

The beaches in the Outer Banks are often filled with early-morning walkers wearing earphones and sweeping a metal detector back and forth to find coins, jewelry, and other things left behind by ancient travelers and current vacationers alike. If you are going to spend some of your time here with us doing the same thing, there are metal detecting laws Outer Banks you need to know to make sure you have a safe and happy time doing it. Here is what you need to know.

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