Outer Banks Beach Access Points You Can Visit

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is truly a special place to visit! The Outer Banks offer miles of sandy beaches and ocean views in nearly every direction you look. If you are looking to enjoy the simple pleasure of just going to the beach while on your trip here, here is a list of the top Outer Banks beaches and their access points.

Kitty Hawk Beach

Kitty Hawk by Michael Bentley is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Located on the northern part of the Outer Banks, the town of Kitty Hawk is home to Kitty Hawk Beach. Kitty Hawk Beach is one of the most popular public beaches to visit in the area. You can access this beach at several access points including at Balchen, Bennett, Bleriot, Fonck, Hawks, Lillian, Maynard, and Wilkins streets. If you are driving to the beach, you can also park at the public parking lot at Byrd Street located south of the intersection of Kitty Hawk Road and NC 12. This beach allows dogs also, so all (including your four-legged friend) can enjoy your time here.

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A Guide To All Of Our Outer Banks Piers For Fishing, Fun & Relaxation

Photo credit: Smoovey via Flickr

Over the years, Outer Banks has served up some monster catches and earned a well-deserved reputation for unforgettable fun on the water. In fact, the fishing piers of Outer Banks found along the shoreline have even turned into a part of the culture for local residents. At different times of the year, the fish change out, and you can catch different varieties. In fact, something is almost always nibbling here, and most of the piers will include a bait shop where you can ask advice about the types of bait and tackle that the fish have gone after.

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Outer Banks Golf Courses: Hit The Links On Vacation

The windswept beaches of North Carolina’s Outer Banks may be the region’s foremost attraction, but the temperate climate, varying terrain, and close proximity to many vacation rentals also makes it an ideal golf getaway at any time of year. Whether you are looking to test your skills with a challenging course or simply to see beautiful sights while teeing off with friends and family, you are sure to find one or more courses that suit your fancy. These are some of the most popular Outer Banks Golf Courses for hitting the links on your annual vacation.

Seascape Golf Links

Photo credit: http://seascapegolf.com/

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Things To Do In The Outer Banks During The Winter

“Outer Banks Winter Sunrise”by John is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Winter vacations offer diverse opportunities for people to enjoy a family or romantic getaway at a fraction of the cost of busy-season visits. Vacationing in the Outer Banks, North Carolina during the off-season provides our guests with an opportunity to explore one of the finest coastal destinations on the East Coast on a budget.

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Seafood Markets Along The Outer Banks: Where To Get Fresh Seafood

Visitors to the Outer Banks enjoy the simple pleasures of island life – fishing, playing in the surf, and riding bikes. The Outer Banks are where families come together to relax and refresh and savor some of the freshest seafood on the eastern seaboard.

Popular dishes like steamer buckets, clam bakes, shrimp and grits, and crispy fried fish and hush-puppies are prepared with secret recipes passed down from generation-to-generation. Before preparing these favorite recipes, visitors must get the seafood. When you need seafood markets Outer Banks can supply fresh-from-the-ocean ingredients.

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The Best Places To Snap A Selfie In The Outer Banks: A Guide

The Outer Banks are a popular vacation destination for many reasons, but the most obvious motivation would have to be the sheer beauty of its photogenic locations. Although a vacation with First Flight Rentals might be momentary, the pictures and memories made from one can last a lifetime, so it is important to be aware of these must-visit areas. Don’t worry about losing yourself to blissful relaxation in these breathtaking spots because they’ll still give you stunning candids! Forget the basic beach shots that everyone else is posting and visit the best selfie spot Outer Banks. However, remember to turn your phone on silent so that those continuous notifications of people liking your posts don’t interrupt your vacation!

We thought we’d share the best places you can snap a photo or a selfie along the Outer Banks during your getaway.

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Outer Banks Water Clarity – When Does It Change?

“Beach at the Outer Banks of North Carolina (22)” by Soil Science is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Everything about” the Outer Banks, rhapsodized writer Anne Siddons, “had the ring and taste and feel of utter rightness to me.” And for decades, visitors have expressed similar sentiments about North Carolina’s humbly stylish archipelago wreathed by crystalline waters.

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Things To Do In The Outer Banks On A Rainy Day

“Outer Banks, NC” by LollyKnit is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Very few places compare to vacationing in the Outer Banks. The only little hiccup that you might run into during your stay here is an afternoon of rain. Rainy days can make a day feel lost, but don’t worry! This is probably because you feel like there are not a lot of things to do in the Outer Banks rainy day, but there are actually lots of options for you to take a look at and enjoy your time on vacation.

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Outer Banks Packing List: What To Bring To The Beach

Photo credit: Jim L. via Flickr CC2.0

Planning your trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina? First, good choice on your travel destination! We know that you will just love and enjoy it here. Now it is time to pack for your trip! If you are not too sure of what you need to pack, we are here to help. Here is the Outer Banks packing list of essentials. This list will make it easy for you to pack everything you could possibly need. This list will help you 100%, so you can just sit back and enjoy your trip.

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