7 Days' Vacation Itinerary In Kill Devil Hills, NC

You've booked your weekly cottage on the Outer Banks and Kill Devil Hills is calling your name! As the days dwindle on your calendar, you start thinking about what would make the perfect 7-day itinerary in coastal North Carolina. As big fans of Kills Devil Hills and the entire Outer Banks ourselves, we'd love to make a few suggestions. 

Day 1 - Beachin' It in Kill Devil Hills

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What else? Head to the beach! No matter how many times you've already visited Kill Devil Hills and the Outer Banks, the beach is always the first stop. 

Pack up the beach chairs, the boogie boards, the cooler, and the sunscreen and head out. There are 29 beach access points in Kill Devil Hills between Milepost 5.5 and Milepost 10. But if it's important to you that you have all the amenities available nearby (ahem... restrooms) then there are only a few access points that you'll want to use. They are Hayman Blvd. at Milepost 6, Asheville Dr. at Milepost 8, Ocean Bay Blvd. at Milepost 8.5, and Atlantic St. at Milepost 9.5. 

During the summer months, get there early! Outer Banks beaches, especially those in Kill Devil Hills, fill up fast, and you'll want the best spot available. We've always loved getting our beach chairs right at the waterline, so we can keep our feet in the cool water, but that's just us. If you choose to do that, watch out for rising tides. There's nothing quite like having a wave break right on top of you because you weren't paying attention!

Day 2 - A Day of Fun and Friendly Competition in Kill Devil Hills 

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Hit the games! There are so many outdoor-oriented games in Kitty Hawk, Kills Devil Hills, and Nags Head, it's easy to pick out your favorite few and make a full day of it. You can even spice things up with a little bet with a twist - whoever ends the day with the highest score has to treat for lunch.

Cover most of your bases all in one stop at Paradise Fun Park, where you can play a round of mini-golf at one of two courses, test your driving skills with both bumper cars and go-karts. Then, hit the arcade and see who racks up the most points. 

Then, it's time to pay up! With so many great restaurants in Kill Devil Hills, it may be hard to choose, but here are a few suggestions:

Day 3 - A Walk in the Woods in Kill Devil Hills

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Take a walk on the wild side! Well, maybe it's just wild enough. We're talking, of course, about the Nags Head> Wood Preserve, which despite its name, is located in Kill Devil Hills. Owned by the Nature Conservancy, the Nags Head Woods Preserve is 800 acres of forested ridges, ponds, marshes, and wetlands. 

It is one of the largest remaining maritime forests on the East Coast. These forests are becoming increasingly rare due to human development in coastal environments, so the Nags Head Woods Preserve is ecologically significant.       

The preserve is home to an amazing variety of plants and animals.  Some of the tallest trees have been here for hundreds of years and form a canopy that is more typical of a mountain environment than coastal. A staggering 550 species of plants have been documented at the preserve, ranging from tall trees to small orchids. 

In addition, the Preserve houses more than 150 species of birds, at least 50 of which nest there.  Some of the species ambitious birders may spot are prothonotary warblers, summer tanagers, and blue grosbeaks. 

In addition to the birds, more than 50 species of amphibians and reptiles call the preserve home, as well. Last but certainly not least, 20 mammal species have been documented, including the most recent addition - bobcats. 

There are eight trails to explore at the Nags Head Woods Preserve, ranging in difficulty from easy to strenuous. A guide to each of them can be found here

Day 4 - A Day of Flight in Kill Devil Hills

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Almost halfway through! It's time to play tourist for the day. After all, you can't exactly leave your week in Kill Devil Hills and the Outer Banks and not go to the Wright Brothers National Memorial, can you? 

The memorial celebrates our most famous Outer Banks residents - brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright, who made the historic first flight from the dunes of nearby Kitty Hawk on December 17, 1903.-

When you're finished exploring all the exhibits at the memorial, how about taking your very own first flight on the Outer Banks?

UltraFlight OBX will show you this chain of barrier islands you've never seen before. Soar through the skies in an open-air, motorized hang glider "trike" and take in a whole new perspective. You'll be comfortably seated the whole time, as your guide narrates your journey. Look forward to seeing unrestricted views of the Atlantic Ocean, our long sandy beaches, and waterways. Keep your eyes peeled for lighthouses, dolphins and other marine life, and maybe even our elusive "Bankers", the wild horses of the Outer Banks. 

After all that excitement, you might be ready to just kick back with a refreshing beverage, overlooking the ocean from terra firma. Here are a few options for you. 

Day 5 - A Night on the Town in >Kill Devil Hills

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Back to the beach during the day after several days of adventure. Now it's time to find the perfect night in the town. From movie theaters to restaurants to nightclubs, there are plenty of options. Let's look at a few. 

  •  At OBX Mystery Dinner, you'll try to solve a comedy-mystery over a 4-course dinner. Before every course of your meal, there is an act of the play. Watch carefully and try to pick up clues! The actors double as your wait staff, so if you're stuck, you can try to bribe them with "cash" to get an advantage over your opponents. It's rip-roarin' fun time!
  • R/C Kill Devil Hills Movies 10  Catch one of the newest top 10 movies on the big screen!
  • How about an Outer Banks sunset cruise? If you'd like to take a romantic cruise and watch the sunset over the water, there are several independent options for you, though you will have to leave Kill Devil Hills. Try Paradise Dolphin Cruises in Wanchese, Downeast Rover Sailing Cruises in Manteo, or Safari Dolphin Tours in Nags Head.
  • If you're in the mood for something a little different, try a night-time kayak tour. Outer Banks Kayak Adventures offer bioluminescence and full-moon night-time kayak tours.  
  • Last but not least, lace up those shoes and grab the bowling ball! The OBX Bowling Center in Nags Head promises hours of fun for all ages!

Day 6 - Shop for Souvenirs in and near Kill Devil Hills

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You can't go home without a day of retail therapy for yourself, and any friends and family that weren't lucky enough to come along on your Outer Banks adventure! Whether you're looking for a t-shirt or a more eclectic souvenir, we've got some great suggestions for you!

  • A Penny Saved Consignment Shop offers gently used clothing, household accessories, a large selection of jewelry, as well as book, antiques, and kitchen items. Inventory changes often, so stop in more than once to find some great keepsakes. 
  • Awful Arthur's Beach Shop is an Outer Banks tradition! Stop in to pick up your souvenir t-shirt or hat. 
  • Class & Trash on the OBX features an eclectic mix of furniture, vintage items, garden adornments, shabby chic, architectural items, thrift items, antiques, and collectibles. Surely, there's something (or a couple of some things) in there for you!
  • Creative Jewelers is the place to go if you've found a unique piece of beach glass and would like it transformed into a necklace or pair of earrings. What a wonderful keepsake of your Kill Devil Hills vacation!
  • Forbes Candies & Gift Shop is another long-time favorite in Kill Devil Hill and Nags Head. Shop here for the timeless treat of saltwater taffy and then make your way to the Nags Head store at Milepost 11 for their additional boutique store. 
  • And for the ultimate beach shop, you've got to visit Stop-n-Shop on the Beach Rd. It has everything you need from flip-flops to sandwiches and food, to beach equipment, to souvenirs. 

Day 7 - Your Last Day in Kill Devil Hills

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Make it count! There are still so many wonderful things to do. You could: 

We hope these suggestions have led to a fabulous week in Kill Devil Hills. We look forward to seeing you again next year, with a brand new list of the best places to go and things to see on the Outer Banks!