The History Of The Wright Brothers On The Outer Banks

Here at First Flight Rentals, we’re partial to the amazing story of the Wright Brothers. Their history here in the Outer Banks and the historic first flight is something we love to share to guests to the area.

North Carolina is known as the “first in flight” due to the innovation of the Wright brothers, two bicycle repairmen who sought to conquer the sky. Wilbur and Orville Wright were born in Dayton, Ohio, a location from which they conducted the majority of their flight research — but it was on the Outer Banks of North Carolina that they eventually made history.

Early Years

Image Credit: Library of Congress

The Wright brothers were enamored with the idea of flight from an early age — exemplified by avid kite-making and an unusual adoration of helicopter toys. They began their official foray into the idea of human flight in 1899 with an accumulation of information on gliders and wind speeds of varying locations around the country.

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