Shipwrecks In Hatteras That You Have To See!

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Our Outer Banks of North Carolina rank among the is a favorite of tens of thousands of guests ever year. Our guests loving dipping their toes in the salty water, playing fun games like miniature golf and checking out all the historic sites and museums in the area. When traveling here with family and friends, you can also see some of the top shipwrecks in Hatteras. Though you might think that you need to take a scuba diving trip or get your snorkeling gear together to see these wrecks, you can see many from the land.

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Secluded Beaches In The Southern Outer Banks

In the summertime, there’s nothing our guests love more than a good beach visit! The beauty of the Outer Banks is tied to our lovely beaches. The sand and the waves are the perfect icings on top of a beautiful day. For our guests here at First Flight Rentals, the secluded beaches of the Southern Outer Banks are perfect for a summertime (or anytime!) getaway.



Buxton is a popular beach location during the warmer seasons, especially for those looking to fish. The popularity stays until colder weather arrives and the fish leave for warmth. Until then, however, the beaches of Buxton are perfect for your summer paradise. If you find yourself in the area, be sure to visit the famous Cape Point beach.

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Visit The New Dowdy Park In Nags Head

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Located between South Croatan Highway and Bonnett Street, the Dowdy Park is a new space that is built to offer recreational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. Inside this 5-acre park visitors and locals can exercise, practice sports, have picnics with friends, or let their kids have a ball on the playground.

Dowdy Park is an on-going project designed to fill the recreational void left by the closing of Dowdy Amusement Park. Opened on May 13th, the park’s second phase of construction will include the addition of public bathrooms, a community garden, a game court, and a bocce ball area.

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Relaxing Things To Do On Your Outer Banks Vacation

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Families, couples, and groups of all sizes flock to the Outer Banks each year to take advantage of the pristine beaches and quaint beach towns. Though the charming coastline is lined with decadent dining and family-friendly entertainment options, many visitors prefer to truly enjoy their time in OBX by unplugging and enjoying a truly relaxing getaway. Families and friends can reconnect and rejuvenate over laughs and time shared together.

Curious about the top ways to relax during your stay in the Outer Banks? Here are a few of our favorites:

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Summer 2017 Additions Around The Outer Banks

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The Outer Banks barrier islands of North Carolina are a popular holiday destination due to their miles of pristine beaches, state parks, and diving sites. The laid-back atmosphere makes it recommendable for a relaxing vacation.

Summer is almost here and tourists will be making their way to the Outer Banks for vacations in the sun. Herein are some of the new things on the Outer Banks for summer 2017 that you definitely should check out on your next visit.

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The History Of The Wright Brothers On The Outer Banks

Here at First Flight Rentals, we’re partial to the amazing story of the Wright Brothers. Their history here in the Outer Banks and the historic first flight is something we love to share to guests to the area.

North Carolina is known as the “first in flight” due to the innovation of the Wright brothers, two bicycle repairmen who sought to conquer the sky. Wilbur and Orville Wright were born in Dayton, Ohio, a location from which they conducted the majority of their flight research — but it was on the Outer Banks of North Carolina that they eventually made history.

Early Years

Image Credit: Library of Congress

The Wright brothers were enamored with the idea of flight from an early age — exemplified by avid kite-making and an unusual adoration of helicopter toys. They began their official foray into the idea of human flight in 1899 with an accumulation of information on gliders and wind speeds of varying locations around the country.

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In addition to the great things to do and history of the Outer Banks, we look forward to featuring our Outer Banks condo complexes and resorts that you can visit along the OBX. From the northern Kill Devil Hills areas all the way down to Rodanthe & beyond, we’re adding new condos all the time for our guests to enjoy. As the only condo-dedicated Outer Banks rental agency, we can find you an amazing rental that your family will enjoy and remember for years to come.