OBX Beach Must-Haves

Visiting the Outer Banks and now sure what to bring? This is our Summer 22’ beach must haves! You will not want to forget any of these items when coming to visit us! 

1. Sunglasses

Summer vacation concept. Sunglasses with ocean beach and palms on blue background

OBX is known to have such a beautiful sky but you must wear sunglasses to protect your eyes when looking at it! 

2. Sunscreen

When coming to the Outer Banks you need sunscreen. The UV Rays are very harsh in the summer so you must be prepared.

3. Beach Ball/ Volleyball

Enjoy a fun game in the sand and bring some fun activities such as a beach ball! Here at John Yancey we have our own private section of the beach that is perfect for games.

4. A good book

Everyone enjoys a good book and listening to the waves while sitting in the sand. This is the best place to do so! 

5. Water bottle

It is important to stay hydrated on the beach. Make sure to bring your water bottle and you can even fill it up at our hydration station! 

6. Snacks

Make sure to stop in at our breakfast room and get a healthy breakfast in and save a yogurt for later on in the day as a snack! You can also visit our snack machine for more great snack options.

7. Headphones/Speaker

Tanning in the sand listening to your favorite music is our favorite form of self care in the Outer Banks. Do not forget to bring your speaker or headphones with you. 

8. Sandals

Make sure to bring a pair of sandals when coming to the beach that you can wear in the sand! The sand can get super hot during the summer months and it is important to remember to wear shoes when walking on the sand.

9. Beach blanket

Do not forget your beach towel and if you do, we have our very own John Yancey Inn beach towels that you can buy at the front desk! 

10. Umbrella

Everyone loves a good tan but it is important to bring some type of shade with you for when you need to cool off! There are many places in the Outer Banks where you can rent umbrellas.

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