Complete List of All Outer Banks Lighthouses

Lighthouses are true symbols of resilience and strength. Many have been around for centuries, enduring generations of storms, destruction, relocation, and evolution around them. And, these majestic towers have helped guide countless mariners and ships to their seaside ports of call. It’s no wonder they are a top attraction for coastal destinations, including the Outer Banks.

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The Ultimate Guide to Hang Gliding in Kitty Hawk

If soaring through the sky in the open air with nothing but sea and sand in your sights sounds appealing to you, you will want to add hang gliding to your Outer Banks bucket list!

What better place to experience gliding with the birds than in the birthplace of modern aviation? Kitty Hawk was chosen by aircraft pioneers the Wright Brothers for its optimal wind conditions and towering sand dunes. This, combined with the stunning scenery of the Carolina coast, also makes it the perfect location for hang gliding enthusiasts.   

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Where to See the Best Sand Dunes in the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks are known for their picturesque coastlines, defined by their seamlessly flowing sand dunes that line the beaches. No ordinary heaps of sand; these dunes are some of the tallest to be found on all of the East Coast. Visitors to the area revel in the challenge of climbing the tallest dunes and the panoramic view that provides the ultimate reward. 

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