March Madness in OBX

This March in the OBX will be one for the books! The Outer Banks has many fun activities coming to the beach as we start up again for spring! There will be tons of exciting things going on this month, from a wide variety of options from family-friendly to the annual beer mile. This will be the first time in over two years some of these activities have happened due to covid.

Here are all the best things to do this March in the Outer Banks.

Saturday, March 12th

Where: Brewing Station

What time: 2:00 pm- 3:00 pm

What: Annual Beer Mile

Kick-off your St. Patrick’s day early with Brewing Station’s Annual Beer Mile! Enjoy your Saturday enjoying a nice green beer. This run includes a backyard party, chip timing, and a free t-shirt! Beverages will be in 10 oz and run the will be every ¼ a mile you will have another beer to drink.

The race tickets are $40 a person and limited to 100 participants. You must be 21+ to enter this race.

Thursday, March 17th

Where: Carova to Ocracoke

What time: 1:00 pm

What: St. Patrick’s Day Parade

On Thursday, the beach will be having their parade which is fun for all ages! It will be starting in Carova and ending in Ocracoke so that the ENTIRE beach can join in. This is the perfect opportunity to get familiar with some of the business on the beach and have a great time with friends and family!

This event is free for anyone to join in on the fun.

Saturday, March 21st- Monday, April 11th

Where: Black Beards Revenge

What: 100 Mile Race

This Outer Banks race by Black Beards Revenge will put you to the test. It is a 100-mile race that will put your athletic abilities to the test.

Tickets range from different prices but you can find more information by visiting the Black Beards Revenge website.

Wednesday, March 30th- Saturday, April 2nd

Where: Fort Raleigh National Historic Site

What time: 8:00 am

What: OBX History Weekend

OBX history weekend will be fun-filled with activities, games, symposiums, and lots of learning! This is a great way to gain more knowledge about OBX. The event is free but there is a dinner you can attend for $50 per person. There will also be an air-craft flyover on Saturday if the weather permits.

This month is filled with great activities to do with your family and friends. We hope that it brings a lot of joy doing all things OBX. These activities are a great way of starting off our season of 2022. You can find more information about these events by visiting Outer Banks Events.

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