Sip Your Way Through the Lost Colony Wine Festival

The Lost Colony Wine Festival takes place on Roanoke Island inside the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, home to the USA’s longest-running outdoor drama, The Lost Colony.

Roanoke Island was where Queen Elizabeth I first attempted to instill a colony in North America near the end of the sixteenth century. The play The Lost Colony depicts the tale of this first colony, including the story of its mysterious disappearance and the birth of the first colonial child, Virginia Dare. The drama has been performed on this historic ground since 1937 and inspired the birth of the Lost Colony Wine Festival.

In celebration of this history and the legends surrounding the first colony, the Lost Colony Wine and Culinary Festival mixes historical facts and myth with palatial wine and delectable food. The festival is a time for appreciating food and drink with plenty of feasting and sampling, as well as encompassing the value and joy of narrative storytelling with live entertainment. 

The Vintner’s Dinner

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The Vintner’s Dinner provides an opportunity to showcase some of the finest foods of the surrounding area. A four-course meal prepared with fresh, local produce gives guests a truly legendary experience with an intimate atmosphere and heady sustenance. 

With each course, a perfectly paired wine is brought out and discussed for the enjoyment of foodies and wine connoisseurs alike. Featuring wines from the Virginia Dare Winery, the Vintner’s Dinner celebrates American wine’s rich history and the beginning of a newfound country.

Hosted in downtown Manteo, the Lost Colony Wine Festival’s Vintner’s Dinner begins a spectacular weekend of levity and storytelling. The limited availability for this event makes it even more special, with typically as few as eighty-four guests participating. 

The Vintner’s Dinner hosts a live auction, the proceeds of which go towards the production of The Lost Colony.

The Grand Tasting

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Housed in the SoundStage Theatre, local restaurants and vineyards will be offering their wares for the Grand Tasting. This event showcases New Age and Old Age wines and beers and even offers historical myths concerning one of the oldest vineyards in North America. 

The tale of the Mother Vine describes the oldest cultivated grapevine in the United States, beginning with the first colony’s attempt to acclimatize. This legend and accompaniment of live music set the tone for a romantic autumn evening of good wine and company.

The Grand Tasting offers a plethora of beer from local Outer Banks breweries, some of which are only available in the Outer Banks area. After sampling, you can take a gentle stroll along the Roanoke Sound and take in the sights of the dunes at Jockey’s Ridge, the Wright Brothers Memorial, and the Waterside Theatre Stage.


Tickets for the festival, including the Vintner’s Dinner and Grand Tasting, are limited. So, early purchasing will save you a seat. All proceeds go to funding the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site and The Lost Colony, so the history and the legends can live on.

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