Outer Banks Water Clarity – When Does It Change?

“Beach at the Outer Banks of North Carolina (22)” by Soil Science is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Everything about” the Outer Banks, rhapsodized writer Anne Siddons, “had the ring and taste and feel of utter rightness to me.” And for decades, visitors have expressed similar sentiments about North Carolina’s humbly stylish archipelago wreathed by crystalline waters.

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Visit The New Dowdy Park In Nags Head

Photo credit: https://www.outerbanks.org/listing/dowdy-park/2215/

Located between South Croatan Highway and Bonnett Street, the Dowdy Park is a new space that is built to offer recreational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. Inside this 5-acre park visitors and locals can exercise, practice sports, have picnics with friends, or let their kids have a ball on the playground.

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