The Best Beaches Near Rodanthe To Enjoy!

The tiny community of Rodanthe NC is large in peaceful surroundings, quiet places to relax and isolated beaches. Visitors to this area aren’t looking for sands filled with beach umbrellas, sunbathers and volleyball nets. These visitors are looking for a place to kick off their flip-flops and wade in the shallows of the waters edge without tripping over someone else.

Maybe you are one of these people? Rodanthe has the solitude and solace you want with unpopulated stretches of sand, plenty of stunning sunsets and a quiet village feel to the area. Come and explore the best beaches in Rodanthe NC.

Pea Island Beach

Photo Credit: John Buie via flickr CC2.0

This beach is located within Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge. Here, sea grass clings to windswept dunes and broken shells litter the sands. As you walk in to the beach, you may go through tunnels of natural oak trees. Brown pelicans and other water birds hover at the water’s edge or float on the waves waiting for their next meal of clams, mussels or fish. Ghost crabs are fast as they skitter across the sands trying to find food while avoiding becoming food.

As you walk to the beach look at the Indian Blanket and Straw Flowers that dot the sides of the walkways. Sea oats, along with these other plants are hearty flora, able to resists the droughts and rough winds. There is a visitor center with a few displays and knowledgeable personnel to answer any questions you may have about the area.

Rodanthe Beach

Rodanthe may sound familiar to you. That’s because this is where the movie ‘Nights in Rodanthe’ was filmed. This beach is flanked by beautiful homes, plenty of warm sands and opportunities to play in the water. Learn to kiteboard here. Try some stand up paddle-boarding or drop in a line and catch some skates at the Rodanthe Pier. The water here beckons visitors to come and play. Of course, if you don’t want to get wet there are other things to do. People-watch or do some tanning. Build a fire (with a permit) and gather friends together for a beach bonfire complete with marshmallows. Watch for sea turtles or do some dolphin-spotting. You can find plenty of shells to add to your collection, too.

Waves Beach

This beach is aptly named. Waves are huge in the Rodanthe, Salvo and Waves communities – also known as tri-villages. Where there are good waves and wind, there are also plenty of thrill-seekers looking to perfect their techniques or learn new tricks on the water. On this beach you will see people trying kite-surfing, combining two great sports- kite flying and surfing – together for an awesome sky-high thrill. Once the kites catch air, the boards on which surfers stand will go airborn until they land on the next wave. There are also plenty of other sports to play here: surfing, beach-combing and flying kites on the beach. On the Pamlico Sound side, the beaches are calmer with waters that are significantly more shallow – perfect for paddling a kayak, practicing yoga on the stand-up paddle boards or even surf fishing.

Salvo Beach

Photo Credit: sjconnaghan via Flickr CC2.0

Salvo Beach is one of the quietest beaches you will find. Visitors here love to walk for hours while encountering only sea gulls and waves. Roll out your mat and find your perfect ‘tree pose’ or practice your ‘downward dog’ on these lovely isolated beaches far from the mainland. Fresh, salty air and sunshine will make it easy to concentrate without the constant interruptions of everyday life. Find your inner peace as you look for shells or ride your bike along the sands.

There are a few things you will want to remember when you visit the Tri-Villages areas of Rodanthe, Salvo and Waves. The beaches are open to the public, but consideration of others is a must. Practice these rules:

  • No glass on the beach
  • Beer is allowed but drink responsibly
  • Do not climb the dunes or stand on them
  • 4×4’s are allowed, ATV’s are not
  • Fires are allowed with a permit
  • Always extinguish fires thoroughly
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Fill in all holes that you dig
  • No metal detectors are allowed in National Parks

Rodanthe has beaches that lure visitors year-after-year. The small villages with quaint shops and gorgeous vacation rentals are the perfect place to spend a week or a summer.

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