Corolla Adventure Park: Full Guide

If you’re looking for adventure in the Outer Banks, look no further than Corolla Adventure Park. The park has several activities perfect for those looking for an adrenaline rush. 

You can swing through the skies on a giant jungle gym full of fun obstacles or hurl an axe through the air, aiming for a wooden target.  No matter what thrill-seeking adventure you choose, you’re sure to have a great time!

Corolla Adventure Park is the perfect outdoor excursion to add to your itinerary when staying at a First Flight vacation home for thrill seekers of all ages. The park offers courses for beginners and experts, so this experience is perfect for climbers of all skill levels.

Visiting Corolla Adventure Park

Photo Credit: Corolla Adventure Park

Getting There

Corolla Adventure Park is located on the northern end of the OBX off of Highway 12. Shortly after passing the Currituck Lighthouse, you’ll see a large marquee with big orange posts and a blue sign pointing you right to the park’s entrance. 


Park hours vary seasonally. The park is closed from November 1st to March 1st (except Thanksgiving week!). Typical days and hours during the busy season are 9 am to 4 pm, Tuesday through Saturday.  During the slower season, hours may vary and be closed on Saturdays. 

Be sure to call before visiting to ensure they are open. You will also want to check in if the weather is questionable.  Occasionally, the park has to be closed for storms and high winds.   


The park offers two levels of passes for their obstacle course. The First Level Pass is around $40 and includes access to the lowest level, including 18 different obstacles and two different zip lines. This pass is ideal for younger children or those who don’t do well with heights. The height requirement for this pass is 40” with another climber or 4 ft or taller to go alone. 

The Full Access Pass provides access to all four levels of the course. This includes circuits containing 72 obstacles and eight different zip lines, providing a challenge more suited to different heights and ability levels. You must be 5 ft or taller to climb the higher levels; 4 ft and above are permitted with another climber. 

There are also four axe-throwing lanes available in the park. Participants must be over 12 years of age. Each lane can accommodate up to three throwers. The cost is around $25 per person per hour.  

All participants are required to sign an online liability waiver, regardless of which pass they purchase. 

Activities at Corolla Adventure Park

Swing through the Skies on an Aerial Adventure 

Photo Credit: Corolla Adventure Park

The ropes course at Corolla Adventure Park is a unique and exciting way to experience the Outer Banks from a new perspective. From the ropes course suspended in the air, you can glimpse views of the sound and the Atlantic Ocean, and even get to spot the Currituck Lighthouse peeking out above the trees.  

When you arrive at the aerial adventure park, you’ll check in and then head into the gear room.  Here, you’ll meet with a guide who will help you correctly put on your safety gear. Once you’ve put on your gear, they’ll double-check to make sure you’re suited up safely and correctly. 

From there, you’ll head out to Ground School. Led by the same guide who helped you gear up, you’ll learn about the course and the baley system it is composed of. The course consists of four different levels that increase in skill level the higher they go. Each level is accessible by the tower, where you climb stairs to get to the platform you want to try. The bottom level is the best place for beginners to start.

On the courses, you’ll find all sorts of obstacles along the way. You’ll find many ways to challenge your balance, from swinging logs to floating disks and even a zipline. Even seemingly sturdy wooden bridges sway beneath your feet as you move through the skies from the safety of your harness. 

Once you’re done, head down the tower and to the cooling station. Here, you’ll have the option of a scented, cooling towel, the perfect comfort on a sweltering summer day. 

Meander the Nature Trail

Not a fan of heights, but visiting with people who are? No worries! You can enjoy the safety of the ground while watching them swing through the air on the course above you. 

You’ll find a nature trail winding through the park and shade canopies and picnic tables scattered throughout. You’ll also find free games, like Jenga and corn hole, to help you pass the time while your group takes to the skies. 

After your party is done, you’ll want to grab a scoop of ice cream, or perhaps adult guests may want to indulge in a cold beverage. You’ll find several different options for snacks and beverages at the park!

Channel your Inner Lumberjack while Axe-Throwing

If you prefer your adventures with both feet on the ground, you may want to give axe throwing a shot! After coming in and signing a liability waiver, you’ll collect your supplies and head out to the arena with a trained staff member. Once out there, the staff member will help you fine-tune your throw while explaining the rules and techniques. 

You can choose from two axe style types: a traditional tomahawk or a hatchet axe.   

Outside, you’ll find four lanes surrounded by a wooden structure encased in chain-link fencing. This ensures that no rogue axes go flying between lanes, endangering guests. Pro Tip: While a bar is nearby and drinking and throwing are allowed, no participant can consume more than three beers while throwing axes. 

What to Know Before You Go

Here are a few tips to prepare for your day at Corolla Adventure Park: 

  • They recommend arriving 15 minutes early for your appointment. 
  • Guests over 18 must present a photo ID. 
  • In addition to height restrictions, guests must weigh less than 260 pounds to participate in the ropes course. 
  • Closed toe shoes (no crocs!) are required for both the ropes course and axe throwing. 
  • Form fitting, athletic wear is highly encouraged to not get tangled up while climbing or hurling axes through the air.  
  • Cell phones and cameras are not allowed on the towers. There are four camera stations on the courses where you can stop and grab a shot. 
  • The park requests that you store all valuables in your locked vehicle. They will provide a secure place to store your keys. 

Adventure Awaits at Corolla Adventure Park

Whether you’re looking to channel your inner ninja warrior or your inner lumberjack, you’ll have a lot of fun doing so at Corolla Adventure Park – an absolute must-add stop on your vacation itinerary! Book your First Flight vacation rental to stay close to this North Carolina adventure spot!

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